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Sunshine Coast Civil Pipe Laying

Our Peak Civil expertise encompasses a wide range of services, including water mains, manhole chambers, roof pits, precast pits, stormwater pipes, concrete testing, chlorination, and more.

This comprehensive range of services positions Peak Civil as a valuable partner for all civil infrastructure and construction projects involving pipelines and drainage systems.

Sunshine Coast Civil Pipe Laying Expertise

Peak's team of expert pipe layers are proficient in preparing sites for pipe installation.

Our extensive experience in working with various types of pipe materials includes underground pipe installations for major infrastructure projects, including sewer and water reticulation and stormwater drainage.

The Peak Civil Contracting approach involves individual site assessments for each project and collaboration with our project team to ensure project success and optimal outcomes.

Our Peak Civil team is dedicated to environmentally responsible practices and adheres to the guidelines in our comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Management Plan. 

civil pipe laying

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